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Eco-Friendly Customer Spotlight: Green Clean Squamish

Recently, our friend Amy Remark from the local business Green Clean (based in Squamish, BC) purchased a new fleet vehicle for her business. Squamish Toyota and Green Clean share similar values about helping the environment and working smart, so we felt she would be an obvious addition to the Squamish Toyota blog! Here is what she had to say:

Green Clean Speaks with Squamish Toyota
Q: When did you come down to purchase your vehicles from us here at Squamish Toyota?

I made my first purchase in 2011 and altogether have purchased 6 vehicles – most recently I traded in two vehicles for two different ones so we have a fleet of 4 vehicles.

Q: That’s fantastic, what did you buy?  

Originally I purchased a 2010 Yaris and 2011 Tacoma and then added on a Swift (which I’ve recently traded in for another Yaris) and a Rav 4. This summer I traded in the Tacoma for a 2013 Prius V – which I absolutely love driving!

Q: Sounds like you DO love driving! What brought you to Squamish Toyota?

I know Toyota makes excellent cars and I was most impressed with their overall value and fuel efficiency. Also, I’ve had nothing but great customer service and a good experience at the Toyota dealership here in Squamish.

Q: We’re happy to hear about that! So, who did you deal with when you came to look at vehicles?

I think I’ve talked to everyone who works there and they all know me when I come in. It’s nice to hear staff call you by your first name.

Q: How do you use your vehicle?

I own an eco friendly cleaning company and 3 out of the 4 are dedicated work vehicles. The Prius V is also my personal vehicle.

Q: So, why is finding a car that is eco-friendly an important part of your vehicle purchase?

Green Clean is eco-friendly so it’s important that we are true to our values and driving eco-friendly vehicles falls in line with that. The Yaris’s are so fuel efficient, it’s amazing. We needed a larger vehicle as well for work in Whistler and I couldn’t justify driving a van, so the Rav 4 suits are size needs without being a total gas guzzler.

Q: What are some basic eco-friendly tips for our readers? Green Clean and Squamish Toyota serving whistler, pemberton and vancouver

Well, the number one and most important – reuse whenever possible!! And vinegar works on everything. It’s biodegradable, easy on the wallet and is safe for pets and people. And lastly, rather than spend oodles of money on vacuums, cleaners, mops etc. hire Green Clean and we bring everything so it saves money, space, and time 🙂

Haha, nice plug! Thanks for chatting with us, Amy!