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Thoughts on the new RAV4 Hybrid

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Toyota introduced a Hybrid version of the RAV4 to Canada in December.  Since our first one arrived (a Limited model ordered by a local Toyota Highlander owner) on December 4th, six more have found new homes in our community.

Traditionally the Hybrid models represented a rather considerable step up in price but with the RAV4 XLE AWD, the step is modest at $2815.  In the case of the Limited, the hybrid carries a $3440 premium though it adds features not offered in the non-hybrid.

The Hybrid has more power than the regular RAV4 yet it uses significantly less fuel.  It has greater performance, better handling, a 250 lb higher (now 1750lb) towing capacity and a hybrid system warranty that stretches to 8 years or 160,000km.

How much more efficient is the Hybrid?  Combined fuel economy of 7.2L/100 km (39 MPG) vs 9.4 (30 MPG).  The city fuel savings are even more dramatic: 6.9 (41 MPG) vs 10.6 (27 MPG).  Assuming one drove 20,000km per year using fuel costing $1.09 per litre, the RAV4 will consume $2071 worth of fuel, the Hybrid $1570.

Toyota Canada has allocated us quite a number of RAV4 Hybrids to arrive over the coming months so waiting times are quite tolerable.  Please drop by for an evaluation drive.