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Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Be “Greener” in 2013?

Squamish Toyota of the Vancouver and Squamish Areas and going green for new years


Year after year we make resolutions that are tough to keep. This year, make a plan to help the environment and your community by taking simple steps and ensure you keep your promise. Here are 4 ways to get started:

1.  Supermarket Savvy: Only 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled in North America, the rest

shopping bags squamishend up in landfills, or the ocean – taking up to 1,000 years to decompose. Your solution? Turn down plastic bags and opt for reusable ones. The bonus is that reusable bags often hold more and are quite a bit more durable. For more information on how Squamish and the Sea to Sky areas are supporting this movement check out the non-profit Greener Footprints. They distributed one shopping bag per household in 2009 to our entire community.

Eat-Local Squamish Toyota2.  Eat local: Purchasing food that was made, grown or raised within your province or better yet locally will help support your local economy and the farmers and establishments that are producing humane, environmentally conscious products. Your solution? Try opting for a delivery service like Sea to Sky Organics. you can pick out the green or organic version of nearly everything on your shopping list and have it delivered once a week to your door.

3.  Go Easy on The Gas: Each year cars emit more than 300 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere in the Unites States alone. The pollution causes hazy smog to form in the air and has devastating affects on our ecosystem. The solution? One method is to try electric. The Prius plug-in is a serious way to cut down on emissions. Short range a commuter may not even need to use a drop of gas to get to work. Secondly, opt for the wide variety of hybrid cars available in Squamish and Vancouver such as the compact Prius C or the family sized Highlander Hybrid. If your not ready for a hybrid or electric car, there are many ways to drive around Squamish and Vancouver with fuel efficiency in mind. Check out the Pollution Probe and Canadian Toyota-Prius_Plug-in_Hybrid_2013 Squamish Toyota Automobile Association’s “Busting Myths About Fuel Efficiency and Driving” guide:

4.  Recycle Clothes: Turn old clothes into new ones by donating and shopping at local thrift stores. Check out Tourism Squamish’s website for details on shopping local:

Some great places to shop and donate to, in and near Squamish:

  1. The Salvation Army in North Vancouver
  2. The SPCA Thrift Shop in North Vancouver
  3. Re Use-It Centre in Whistler
  4. Pearl’s 2nds in Squamish
  5. St. Joseph’s Thrift Shop in Squamish 

Vancouver and Sea to Sky Auto Consumer Evolves – For The Environment & the Bottom Line

Squamish Toyota of the Vancouver and Squamish Areas and the Hybrid Prius

Squamish Toyota has seen a large shift in customer needs over the last 10 years. The CBC News Vancouver, reports gas prices have peaked earlier and faster than any year in the past decade. As these prices continue to grow, commuters in the North Vancouver, Squamish and Sea to Sky Corridor are changing their priorities when purchasing a car.

First Generation Toyota Prius in Vancouver and Squamish

The First Generation Toyota Prius

Que Hybrid Technology: Squamish Toyota among other Vancouver area dealerships began selling the Toyota Prius as a line of defence  against high fuel costs and the toll gas propelled cars take on the environment. The first generation Toyota Prius seated 5, and was one of the primary cars to be rated an “Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV)”.

The need to have a kinder impact on the environment stems from the discovery that “the earth’s atmosphere is rapidly changing,” reports a Worcester Polytechnic Institute study. “This change is largely due to human activity; industry, transportation, waste and everyday living.” suggests that Hybrids like the Prius serve as a positive influence on the environment in a few ways: Primarily, these cars cut down on chemical and smoke emissions into our atmosphere a large contributor to global warming. Secondly, these cars cut down on noise pollution, an often-overlooked factor that contributes to preserving the serenity of Squamish, the Sea to Sky Corridor and the entire Vancouver area.The Modern Squamish Toyota Prius

Squamish Toyota suggests that although the Prius is a strong solution to the many qualms of car consumers it will continue to evolve. The Toyota Prius Hybrid is now in it’s third generation and features a family of vehicles including the more spacious Prius V, the smaller city car known as the sea to sky highway from Vancouver to Squamish Toyota Prius C and the most recent addition: The Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

Welcome To the Squamish Toyota Blog

Squamish Toyota is On the Road To Adventure in Vancouver, and the Sea To Sky Areas

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Who Is Squamish Toyota?

Squamish Toyota is a family owned and operated company. Our family has sold and serviced Toyota’s for over 35 years, providing our customers with dependable and honest service. We’ve been open for business in Squamish since 2010 and were the previous owners of Vancouver’s Downtown Toyota Centre dealership.

Squamish Toyota services communities north of Vancouver including Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Britania Beach and Lions Bay.  Our dealership is also just a short drive along the Sea to Sky Highway for residents of North Vancouver and West Vancouver.